Case Studies/Results


  • Coached a CEO, dissatisfied with his job at the head of private/public state organization, through a visioning process that ultimately led to him being hired to lead a city Chamber of Commerce.
  • Facilitated a conflict resolution session between a CEO and a CIO that resulted in the CIO being reassigned to a position that better suited his talents.
  • Helped a division head of a Fortune 50 company design an integration meeting of two merged geographic business units, resulting in goal alignment and clearer accountabilities.


  • As consultant to a scientific branch of the federal Department of Commerce, facilitated a change management initiative that resulted in a number of lasting results, including the creation of a peer mediation program still in existence ten years after the intervention.
  • As a process consultant for 12-person Rockefeller Foundation team that contributed to a new “vision and values” approach that was central to the restructuring of HR policy.
  • Designed the architecture of a team-based infrastructure for two merged business units for Verizon. The data-driven process culminated in the creation of a common approach to developing and nurturing management/employee teams in the Operator Services line of business.

Community Buiding

  • As consultant to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, facilitated a complex, yearlong community building process involving eight divisions, 200 individuals and six employee task forces. Process led to significant changes in human resource practices and policies, such as the creation of a management-employee team charged with implementing the plan that was the result of the process. Process was commended by then Governor Christie Whitman.
  • Facilitated a yearlong community building intervention for a regional community college that led to the creation of a mentoring program, a customer service initiative, and an internship for a student manager as steward of the process.