Community Building

Community building is a means of aligning an organization with it’s vision for its future and creating a concrete strategy for realizing the vision.

Here are the nuts and bolts of my approach:

  • Assemble a cross-functional team responsible for leading the change management effort
  • Engage the team in a search for up to 100 stakeholders throughout the organization
  • Engage the stakeholders in a one-to-two day meeting to analyze the organization’s current state, define its vision, and the major obstacles to realizing its vision
  • Using the data gathered in the meeting, create committees dedicated to analyzing and creating a strategies to address these obstacles
  • Leading the committees through a 10-week problem solving process aimed at creating strategic blueprints, which are refined by a strategy session of the initial cross-functional team
  • Assembling a management/employee team charged with implementing the final blueprint

  • Read Case Study One and Case Study Two to see what the process looks like in practice
  • Read an interview with me to learn more about this approach to community building
  • Contact me to explore how you might modify this approach to your organization.