You may come to coaching for any one of a number of reasons. It might be as simple as wanting an unbiased ear. or someone to reflect back to you what they’ve heard. Or you may have more complex reasons, such as figuring out how to better lead your team or navigate your way through a complex organization.

Whatever your reason, here are a few things you should know about coaching and what you could expect should you choose to work with me.

    • We’ll work on your agenda. By this I mean, I don’t have a set way of working with clients. It all depends on what you need. For example, your biggest issue might be wanting to improve the way you manage meetings. Or you may to use me to mediate a conflict between you and a co-worker or boss. In first instance, I might suggest I sit in on one your meetings and serve (after the meeting of course!) as a  “shadow consultant” who coaches you on meeting management skills. In the second instance, I might conduct a live conflict resolution session with you and the person you’re having issues with. Although these are exceptional circumstances, they give you some idea of some less conventional ways you might use me as your coach.
    • What we talk about is just between us. My first ground rule is confidentiality. This is a strict requirement that I’ll hold sacred, even if I’m hired by your company or boss. If anyone questions me about your progress, I will simply refer them to you.
    • We’ll start with clarifying your goals for coaching. I’ll ask you to clarify  the outcomes you expect from coaching. I’ll ask you to fill out a few simple forms aimed at helping you identify your values, your most important goals, and the methods you think you use to sabotage yourself. During our first session, we’ll create a living contract we can both use as a measuring stick.
    • Coaching often happens in-between sessions. I encouraging “over-sharing” via email in between sessions. In addition, I am available  for brief clarifying calls during the week.
    • I may ask you to consider “affinity group coaching.” If you and I agree that you already have a solid support or mastermind group, we may initiate an “affinity group” series of session as a means for giving you an even greater level of support.

For more information, please read the section on Coaching FAQbusiness coaching, affinity group coaching, or this article on “Coaching and the New Face of Leadership.”

Adventurous? Schedule an appointment for a complementary session.


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