Affinity Group Coachingold

Affinity Group Coaching is a 360-degree feedback experience in which you select a group of trusted advisors to help you shape your vision of what you’d like to achieve and how to go about doing it. We’ll use your complementary discovery session to clarify your immediate goals and choose prospective members of your affinity group.

Your coach will then contact your advisors and enlist them in joining you in a modified version of the Game. During the Clarify experience, you’ll get feedback on your vision and specific strategies to help you accomplish your goals.

Clarify is a virtual game that takes about 3-5 hours to play spread out over a three-day period. It’s played via email and over the internet and concludes with a one-hour teleconference during which you’ll share what you’ve learned from your advisers and the next steps you’ll take to achieve your goals. After playing the Clarify Game, you can contract for optional followup coaching or utilize your advisers for help on an as needed basis.

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