Coaching FAQold

What is coaching? Coaching is a partnership designed to maximize human potential by capitalizing on existing strengths, deepening an individual’s understanding of their impact and furthering the development of new skills. Coaching helps clients articulate their vision, identify their defining values, set goals they feel passionate about, and create and plan their own self-directed learning. The coaching partnership is based on mutual agreements designed by coach and client.

OK, but what does coaching look like?

It looks like a focused conversation between a coach and a client in which both are focused on unlocking the client’s potential and his or her ability to manage change. For more on the mechanics of the process, see the next section, Coaching Nuts and Bolts.

That sounds a little like therapy. How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching differs from therapy in a number of ways. Differences involve the context of the relationship, the condition of the client, and the content of the sessions. For example, therapy is based on a medical paradigm, begins with the premise that the client needs healing, and is focused on the relationship between what’s happened in the past and the present condition. Coaching is based on a personal growth or business skill development paradigm, begins with the premise that the client is whole, and is focused on helping clients realize aspirations.

How might coaching be used as an organization development tool?

Ibelieve that one of the best ways to impact organizational change is by starting with you, the individual. As you are coached to reach your maximum potential, you’ll also learn valuable coaching skills. You’ll then be able to use these skills in interactions with both your colleagues and your clients.

What are the mechanics of the process?

  • Pre-work: Before we can get down to regular coaching, I’ll ask you to put in writing some information about yourself.  I’ll give you some simple forms that will help you set meaningful goals to work toward in the context of the coaching relationship. We’ll go over this during the Initial Launch Session.
  • I’ll meet with you for an initial discovery or “launch” session for 1.5 hours. This meeting is used to establish relationship, define goals and structures for the coaching relationship, create working agreements, and to look at motivation and values. You will have an opportunity to get to know me and ask them any relevant questions during this meeting. If you are geographically close to me, initial launch sessions are in person. Otherwise, they’ll take place via Skype.
  • Ongoing Leadership Coaching Sessions. These will take place twice each month for 55 minutes, either at your office or on the phone. I’ll give you an optional tool to help you prepare for your coaching session. The initial duration of the coaching engagement is usually defined in advance.
  • Scheduling. We’ll schedule our sessions at the conclusion of each session. Coaching appointments should only be rescheduled in emergency situations.  The need to reschedule may sometimes result in the loss of your coaching appointment.

See Coaching: My Style
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