Executive Coachingold

Executive coaching simply means leadership coaching within an organizational setting. To begin the process, we begin by getting clear on the overlap between your goals and those of your organization. We do this by in the following way:

1 – Our first task is defining the business context in which coaching occurs. As your coach, I’ll need to understand the competitive issues facing your industry. I’ll accomplish this by researching your industry and the place of your company within your industry.

2 – We’ll then need to define the strategic issues that you face as a leader within your  team, division and organization. If I am contracted to coach you by your organization, I’ll have  conversations with your supervisor and others to gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s leadership profile.

3-4 – I may ask you to complete a 360-degree feedback instrument, which solicits anonymous feedback from your supervisors, peers and subordinates, and a personality profile specifically designed for leaders within organizations.  We’ll use these as the basis for creating a developmental plan of which coaching is the central support mechanism.

5 – We’ll then draw up a document that comprises three things:

  • A specific development plan
  • An agreement-upon confidentiality statement that is signed by both of us and, if necessary, your supervisor
  • Our mutually understood expected outcomes for coaching

See Coaching: My Style
See: Coaching FAQ
Read: “Coaching and the Face of Leadership”

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